What Parents Are Saying…

“Staying for Specialty really allowed Chase to round out his Gold Arrow camp experience by having extra time wakeboarding, waterskiing and spending time with the counselors. It just gave him time to hang out, run around on an island with a bunch of kids,  and have fun up in our beautiful Sierra Mountains.” – Mr. and Mrs. Bill Halperin

“As a 2nd generation Gold Arrow Family we knew the camp was special but hadn’t experienced it in 35 years. Our daughter’s experience so far exceeded our wildest expectations in every single way. Not only was she not homesick for a moment, but she experienced so many new things, many of which we think she’ll enjoy doing for the rest of her life. Add to that her amazing experience with her counselors, every one of them a dear, capable person and the excellent food, attention to detail and gorgeous setting- we just couldn’t say enough positive things about this camp. We plan to return every year and someday boast 3rd generation status!” – Mr. & Mrs. Jon Fitzgerald

“As a multi-generational Gold Arrow Family, nothing beats your child immersed high-up in the Sierra Nevada for total fun and adventure. Every day brings a sublime surprise. They return with confident Sierra Nevada Mountain swagger that is part-and-parcel with a positive can-do attitude.” – Mr. Michael Bonderer

“As an American family living in Europe for the past 8 years, my husband and I wanted our children to have the all-American camp experience.  Our children were begging to go to a fun camp and we also thought, as parents, that camp is somewhat of a right of passage in the life of a child.  We had loads of friends who recommended GAC and it became an easy choice for us.  All three of our children loved camp and cannot wait to go back next summer.  We love the positive attitude that permeates the camp and the warm, dynamic, wonderful people who make it all possible.” – Ms. Jacqueline Herman

“As parents it was heartwarming to see daily photos of our 7 year old beaming with delight at each new experience! She sobbed when she said goodbye to her counselors at the end of the session- what better way to illustrate what a great job the counselors do to make the campers’ experience an unforgettable one. Thank you, Gold Arrow!” – Mr. Gary Allhusen

“GAC has been an absolutely great experience for our son who is an only child. It gives him the opportunity to spend two weeks bunking with other kids and the camp counselors are simply just the best! Our son came home from camp with more confidence and spirit than I had seen in years. As a teen who has moved into the stage of sharing very little with his parents, our son talked about camp all the way home in the car and then for an hour while I stood in his room!” – Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wlad

“GAC was a perfect fit for our family.  While our daughter would likely enjoy any camp, our son tends to be more reserved and somewhat of a home body.  After a mediocre experience at another well known camp, we were able to convince him to give summer camp one more try.  From day one, the daily online pictures told us how much fun he was having.  He can’t wait to go back next summer to see all of his camp buddies and is already talking about his 3-year banner!  Thank you GAC… we look forward to many years of making fun memories!” –  Mark & Diana Baker

“I believe that GAC gave my daughter the perfect camp experience.  They were busy creating an environment of acceptance and fun the moment the kids got on the bus.  My daughter has always been happy and friendly, but she is on the quiet side.  Her two weeks at GAC built up her confidence so well that she entered her eighth grade year trying new things, like sitting with new friends at lunch and joining the cheerleading squad.  I also think her time at GAC helped her reflect on the importance of her family and how much she appreciates them.  It reminded us to appreciate her as well in her absence.  There is a new peace in our home that comes from knowing you shouldn’t take your family or home for granted.  It comes from going away and learning what’s really  important to you in your heart.  GAC helps by removing the usual distractions and just letting the kids slow down and see things for what they really are.” – Mr. & Mrs. Donald Glyman

“I can see a much greater level of self-confidence when my daughter is facing a new challenge as a result of her experiences at camp.  Overcoming a fear of falling off the high ropes and knowing that you can trust your friends to make sure you won’t hit the ground if you do fall are invaluable lessons that you use throughout life in so many different situations.” – Mr. & Mrs. Paul Griffin

“My eight year old child was a first time camper.  I was unsure about the session I should enroll him in.  I contacted GAC and staff suggested the Mini-Camp session.  Many parents and friends criticized me for sending him away so far.  I never once felt fear or apprehension about sending him away.  I didn’t enroll him until June and was unable to attend any of the final camp tours, so I sent him off unknowing.  He returned to me a week later in the best spirits and told me he wanted to attend a two week session so he can do all of the activities.  I couldn’t be happier with his first camp experience.  He’s already looking forward to receiving his green blanket.  🙂  Thank you GAC!” – Mr. & Mrs. Victor Mendez

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