Camp: One Solution to Parenting Challenges – Part 1

Parenting Challenge #1:  Too Much Screen Time, Not Enough Outside Time

Written by Audrey Monke for Gold Arrow Camp

•  Too much screen time, not enough outside time.

•  Helping kids become independent adults.

•  Everything’s a competition.

•  Good friends are hard to find.

In today’s digital, fast-moving, ultra-competitive world, raising kids who grow into healthy, happy, well-adjusted, independent adults has become more challenging for parents.  Gold Arrow Camp offers a traditional camp experience which many parents have found to benefit their child’s development of important life skills.  In partnership with parents who are focused on their child’s healthy development, Gold Arrow Camp offers a positive, child-focused outdoor camp program that counteracts some of the negative experiences children are facing in school, sports, social life, and cyber space.

Gold Arrow Camp took my city kid, who could barely ride a bike, and returned a sailing, camping, climbing, in love with the outdoors young man.

Jennifer Lansing

Parenting Challenge #1:  Too Much Screen Time, Not Enough Outside Time

In our increasingly digital world, children are spending less time outside and more time in front of screens.  The negative impact of our digital lifestyle is evident in kids’ expanding waistlines and lack of interest in being outdoors.  Whether texting, communicating on Facebook, or watching TV, our children are being inundated with digital input.  The attraction of the media is hard to resist, so most of us (including parents) simply succumb to having the near constant presence of our electronics.  Many of us find it hard to drag ourselves away from our laptops and cell phones, and often our schedules and lifestyle don’t allow for adequate time to just be outside and enjoy our natural surroundings.  Richard Louv coined the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” in his book Last Child in the Woods to describe the alarming trend of children spending less and less time outdoors.  Whether due to sensational media accounts of lost hikers that have fanned parental fears, or simply a lack of time in over-scheduled lives, children simply aren’t outside playing as much as they used to.

I learned to live without technology.
                                          -2009 Camper

Gold Arrow Camp gives kids the experience of two weeks of electronics-free fun in a rustic, natural setting.  In the heart of California’s Sierra National Forest, campers sleep in large tents on wood platforms, enjoy nightly campfires, and watch the sun set over Huntington Lake.  At night, campers count shooting stars and share stories with camp friends, and don’t even think about their TV, video games, and cell phones!

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